In Anea, a Rune is an ancient builder’s tool, left over from the creation of the world. Unlike all other magic in the lands, a Rune is, itself, a source of magic. They are difficult to find, nearly impossible to perceive, and have latent power that is not always apparent to the holder. Most lay, broken and scattered, among the fens and forests of Anea.

Each Rune was made for a reason. They associate with one or more concepts, ideas, things, or places. To the uninformed, this means little. To one who has studied Runelore, and prepared the mind and body, a Rune is a window into the mind of the creator.

Runes are not dangerous to use. Failure to grasp what they are, or what they are used for, is wickedly common, but these tools do not harm the wielder. No, the danger from a Rune comes directly from other beings who have or want to have it, and they will often stop at nothing to see other runeweavers eliminated.

Why? A Rune represents a finite power, but it is a metaphysical representation of this power. The more such representations, in other words the more beings who hold the Rune, the weaker it becomes. Further, a rune that has broken down and shattered splits into shards. The holder of one of these shards can detect and locate other such shards, and if this broken piece of creation is located in the hands of another, the meeting can tend to be savage.


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