The lore speakers of your people, known as Nierans, pass down many sayings. Such things are vital to your kind, as the written word has been lost, and only the words of the hearth paint the world.

It is said that the Amear are the first people, placed on Anea as children of creation. They are one of three kin, known as the Amear, the Azear, and the Vanear. These are spoken tales, and so part of your lore, yet no Nieran living has seen or known any humans other than the Amear.

It is said that the gift of fire was stolen by the first Nieran from the hearth of the young ones. These young ones no longer walk the lands, and have faded from stories. The tale speaks of a family leader who was taken and bound as a slave, who then tricked her captors and took fire from them, returning it to her lodge.

It is said the gift of iron was taken from the hands of the delvers, by the first weagra. These delvers were driven from the low places, yet are said to dwell still in the high places of Anea, enemies of all.

It is said the gift of the winterborn has always been with the Amear, and it is theirs alone. It is a mark of freedom, cannot be taken, and cannot be taught.

It is said the mark of the summerborn is the mark of the Amear, flowing in the blood, rising to meet the day. It is the cry of the child, the hand on the spear.

It is said that the first teacher came during the winter, and carried wisdom to those with the gift. It is said they dwelled in high mountains in the halls of the delvers, and gathered wisdom as a hunter gathers pelts.

It is said that the Lodge and the Hearth represent the World and the Pool, for the Lodge entry faces the morning sun in high summer, and the family hearth is always at the very center of the lodge.

It is said that the Forge represents the land and the tribe, for it must stand at the place of water, fire, earth, and air.

It is said that the passing of the seasons marks the circle of life, but it is winter, when snows cover the land and all things stand ready for rebirth, that is most revered. Winter is the time of the retelling of all tales, the time of family bonding, the time of reflection and wisdom. Winter is hard and unforgiving, yet in this it teaches the Amear that they must survive, and should they do so, Anea will turn again and bring the thaw.

It is said that no Amear may raise a weapon against kin, for none is more reviled than the kinslayer. For this reason, Amear learn to fight without iron, and win without killing.

It is said that no Amear may live without the family, for without the family the individual is nothing.


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