The Far Scout of the Grey Wolf Amear


Usul is an excellent bowman and good with a spear in a tight spot. he is winterborn, and has a solid command of winter and animal based magic, though he is not a pure sorcerer.

Usul is a superior survivalist and tracker, and excells at most skills that deal with wilderness or action.

He has recently gained the “Gift of Niera” ability, allowing him to change his form into that of a wolf or red tailed hawk.


usul is a Nieran originally of the Grey Wolf Amear, a warder by training. He came to the ranks of the Nierans late in life, initially serving as a warrior and scout. He is known to have travelled to regions beyoind those seen by even the most adventerous skin changer, a thing he speaks seldom of.

Usul accompanied Beomere as they travelled down the Azbek River, deep into the lands of the stunted orcs. This task alone made him something of a hero among his kind, folk who place great stock in travel and survival. he has remained with beomear as a comrade in arms, not totally understanding what the strange outlander is trying to accomplish, but certain it is vital to his folk.

Usul is a steadfast survivalist, who grumbles often, but always does what needs to be done. He has a restless spirit, and becomes irratable if held in one place for too long. He was accepted as a Nieran when he arrived among the Ice Falls Amear, but he gained no friends, was not taken as a husband, and indeed, seldom slept within a long house.

Usul is never far from his animal companion, a large grey wolf named “brightfang”. The two seem to speak to one another, and both are wary around Charon.


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