The Spirit of a long dead Amear sorcerer


Talfiak was the sudent of kareshar, among the first of the Amear to understand and wield Aghra. he claims no tribe, nor children, nor great exploits. he is seen at times in the current era by certain wicce among the Amear who are visited by deep visions. It is not always with clear or bright purpose that he reveals himself.

His spirit is thought to be a harbinger of crisis, speaking doom. Becuase Amear are not tied to the spirits of the land, few, if ever, have discovered his full purpose. Those few who are visited in the dream state are often given clear, but confounding and often conflicting words.


Talfiak is said to be the creator of an artifact of the Amear. it is a legend to The People, and has been given wild and fantastic powers by those who have told and wove its tale.


The Amear Genevieve