"Black Feather" Weagra of the Otter


Kro is a charismatic warrior, over six feet tall, lean and fierce. He owns a set of ringmail armor, as well as a steel spear, (crafted by Toroc). Named after the black birds, he has taken to wearing the black feathers as a headress and ornament.


Kro is among the most skilled warriors of the Otter, renown for his speed and lethality, a true son of summer. He is slightly older than Corymr, but the two did grow up together in the long huts of the Blue Lake Village.

Kro is popular, with a hard charisma and fast temper. He believes tough, physical, action is the only true answer to a problem. The Nierans of the Otter tend to feel he is brash, quick to anger, slow to wisdom. Kro knows this, and it fills him with fury


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