A Jarl of Black Stone - Ice Falls Amear


Kaarl was Weagra a generation ago when the Ice Falls Tribe threw back The Pack just west of Black Stone. It was Kaarl and his sister, Navaa, who rallied the tribe, gathered the spears, and stood at the front of the line of battle. This action cost Navaa her life, a fact Kaarl has remembered every waking day.

Kaarl is a smith and veteran warrior of the Tribe. he has a sound understanding of tactics, and is a clever war leader, even if age has slowed him a step. He enjoys watching the struggle of younger Amear, particularly summerborn braves, trying to make a name with The People. In this he is a hard judge, rarely finding merit, always finding flaw.

Kaarl is a fine ironsmith, amd was among the first of the Wepontak who supported the inclusion of Beomere into the Tribal halls. His ties to smithing, working with fire and iron, make him a hard man indeed, and he is hard on children as well as Nierans. If you are a fine warrior or smith, he will show you some quiet respect, doled out with a small spoon.


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