Fighter, Archer, Master of Horses


Erik was born among the Ice Falls Amear, in the village of Blackstone. he acted as a warrior for the tribe, as well as a horse trainer. He was named Weagra of a warband that won a chaotic three faction battle in the hunting lands.

When the adventurers indicated they would be going down river in an effort to make land contact with the Otter Tribe, Erik immediately volunteered to go. In the company of the others he made the river journey, and finally arrived in the Otter lands.

Erik was accepted immediately, a highly trained archer and horseman. A young man, he met and fell in love with a woman of the Otter, and he joined her lodge as husband. He had always believed he would go to the lodge of his wife, he just never thought it would be hundreds of miles downriver, in another tribe.



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