The Wicce, far seer, Prophet of the Ice Tooth Amear


5th level Wicce / 1st level Sorceress

STR: 14 (+2)
DEX: 14 (+2)
CON: 16 (+3)
INT: 13 (+1)
WIS: 16 (+3)
CHA: 14 (+2)

Hit Points: 52
Defense: 15 (16 w/B5L 2hand, 20/30 w/Soul 4 Winds)

CMB: +5 CMD: 17

Attack Modifier Damage Crit Range Notes
Unarmed +5 1d4+2 x2 n/a Doesn’t provoke Attack of Opportunity
The Blade of Five Leaves +6 1d12+4 19×2 n/a 1d8+3 dmg 1hand, +1parry def 2hand
Bloodchiller +7 1d6+4 19/x3 5’ +2 to confirm critical, see notes
Horn Javelin +5 1d6+2 x3 25’ Cold Iron tipped, sorcery weapon
Longspear +5 1d8+3 x3 reach Iron, two handed

Fortitude: +7
Reflex: +6
Willpower: +12

Concentration: +13
Power Points: 15
Magic Attack: +7

Languages Modifier Skill Description
Amear n/a Native The language of The People
Ku-Ran -6 Poor The language of the Brown Orcs of Aran
Seldar -6 Poor The more or less modern elf
Annacar -4 Fair An ancient language, from the age of myth
Duargar -8 Very Poor The language of the delvers
Beastu -8 Very Poor The language of the pack, much is non-verbal
Azear -8 Very Poor The language of the lost Azear
Denj -8 Very Poor The language of the Red Orcs who live NW of Highpass

30 years old 5’9" 135lbs Dark brown hair, blue eyes. She has a mark of Talfiak in runic script on her forehead.

She is the eldest child of 7 and the only girl born to Ffion and Gwynfor. They all get along well, and if pranks and grief are returned in kind, it’s only expected. She holds her own against each well, but as a group she has a hard time saying no to them.

Aeron-27yrs Wise, protective of Eirwen (though not to her face), competitive, close with Bryn.
Bryn- 26yrs Fiercely competitive, egotistical, looks up to Aeron, gives Eirwen the most trouble.
Celyn-24yrs The loner of the family, a naturalist/scholar/druid. Killed in the battle with Renwe.
Delwyn-22yrs Eirwen spent most of her time with him. A Nieran.
Iolyn-19yrs The handsomest, hangs on Aeron/Bryn who don’t always have time for him.
Talfryn-17yrs The baby. Looks up to Celyn, fights with Iolyn. The most spoiled of the children.

Seren-25yrs Eirwen’s best friend, betrothed to Eirwen’s eldest brother Aeron.
Eoin-27yrs Aeron & Bryn’s best friend, Eirwen secretly loves him. Eirwen has seen a vision of him with children, so she assumes he will marry someone else.

Visions Eirwen has shared with the group


The Amear Genevieve