Firstborn, the Outsider, with eyes that hold the Light of Creation.........


Beomear appears to be of Amear blood, but in truth he is from another place, something even he does not fully understand. He lived his early life as one of the Irsenfolk, a family of those calling themselves, (as the Amear do), The People. In his adventures he met and eventually befriended a mighty Dire Wolf of the White Grove. Charon has been his closest friend and companion from this simple existence, an earlier time, harsh but uncomplicated.

A darkness fell on the Irsenfolk. A terror from beyond, unknown to any Fyrdlander, descended upon the young lands. It commanded the wicked Vendol, and enslaved the cunning Others. Only The People stood against it, and in this they failed. The beauty and wonder of the land was torn and fouled. The Fyrdlander’s of all families waged a terrible, losing, war. Peace left them, and they knew only ruin.

This all changed with the coming of the Deradam. They introduced themselves quietly, appearing as members of his kind, teaching him woodcraft and runelore. As he grew as a student, the true nature of these figures was revealed, and Beomear found himself speaking with the legendary Teachers , those who brought the power of the words to his folk generations ago. These figures posed a harsh choice to Beomear: Go away from this world, all they he knew and understood, and go to another land, and while there secure the power needed to return and bring the Shadow Lord to his knees, saving the Irsenfolk and all his kind.

Beomear accepted, not without a sense of the fear. He was taken from his home, and placed in Anea, a world unlike anything he had ever imagined. Ancient, breathing, far from the light of creation. Armed with the power of the Runes, without direct aid, accompanied only by his true friend Charon, the scout of the Irsenfolk walked among The Amear. He found he looked like these strange people, and was able to pass for one of them due to his Runic power. Now, in a strange land, he seeks to gather the words of power, the Runes of an ancient world, seeking to save those who dwell on a young one.


The Amear Beomer