The Amear

The Peacock Angel's Fury


he shard of the Rune of Pain had been won.

We returned to the ventilation room after finding no exit behind the locked door. Our options were limited- climb back up the shaft we’d entered by- possibly encountering the yeti that had formed- or try another shaft. Shansu scouted the widest and most easily accessible shaft, and after a short while, our party had managed to climb up to a landing- wolves included.

Beomere sensed another shard of the rune, moving towards him. Something was coming.

We followed the shaft up and into a cave, where Shansu found a yetiah raging against a harpy-like creature. He could hear more screeching from the darkness. He made quick work of the injured yetiah.

Beomere felt the rune grow closer. We decided to go back to the garden area and retreat into the caves- we didn’t want to be out in the open with the shard coming so quickly. We saw a blonde woman streak through the forest from our vantage point in the caves. She was headed towards our boat, Cormyr and Toroc.

Making our way down the mountainside, the heavy rain turned to snow. We journeyed back to the garden where we found a Seldar who attacked Beomere. The Outsider hit back and Shansu hit with two arrows. Eirwen finished him off with Bloodchiller. The snow turned purple- the rune was closer.

We entered the cave a second time and made our way up the rightmost passageway- the one we’d missed before. Eirwen noticed a cold blue flame where the last time the hallway had been unlit. A flash of movement and Eirwen sent Wind of the North, knocking a quickling out of the air.

The tiny creature told us, ‘I watch for those who keep the keys. She is coming, she who waits. The bonds have been dropped.’ It told us ‘she’ was a spirit. He indicated there were now people in the library.

Beomere strode confidently through the open doors. The Seldar at the table in the back was aghast- Amear? In the library? He asked who we were and what we were doing. Beomere spoke well, without answering any of the lord’s questions. The man was reluctant, though willing, to endanger the library by spilling blood inside it. Two figures appeared where before we’d seen books floating mid-air. Beomere and the lord agreed to part in peace, and we descended back down the passageway to decide our next course of action.

We returned to the antechamber, when Beomere was enveloped in shadow, frozen. Charon growled.
Eirwen, Shansu and Usul returned to the library, and the wicce knocked on the now closed doors. The robed Seldar answered, the warrior behind him on alert. Eirwen asked if this was their doing, but the man didn’t understand. The lord in the back asked why we’d returned after we’d parted peacefully. Eirwen explained- in poor, wrongly accented Annacar- that they’d tried to leave and had been stopped.
Meanwhile Shansu and Usul were motioning to each other, preparing for a fight. Usul whispered, “Jahada.” to Eirwen, naming her discipline.

A woman appeared in the middle of the library. Floating above the floor, sitting in a lotus position, smoke swirling around her. Time passed too quickly for a moment.

The Seldar lord moved quickly and struck her three times with his sword. The robed sorcerer moved and began casting, and the other Seldar warrior moved in, but became fascinated when he got close to the four-armed, blue-skinned woman. Shansu loaded his bow, but waited for Eirwen’s signal.

Still in the doorway, Eirwen sent a jagged spear of ice at the woman, which hit her and then exploded in shards of ice. Shansu fired two arrows and Usul threw a javelin. A creature that looked like a small child that had been at the table with the Seldar lord moved in near the woman and she seemed fascinated by it.

The Seldar sorcerer seemed to envelop the woman in vines- no sorcery Eirwen was familiar with. Eirwen activated her wicce defense discipline and moved in between the woman and the sorcerer. He said quietly ‘She is strong, we must hurry.’

Shansu missed with two arrows and Usul threw another javelin, hitting her hard. The woman reached for the child- a spirit creature- who vanished. The woman looked at the sorcerer who fell- fascinated. The vines holding her arms vanished.

The Seldar lord hit her again and Eirwen drove Bloodchiller in deep, while sending another jagged spear of ice along with it. She screamed and bore down on the wicce. Eirwen dodged fractions of an inch out of the way, but would not be able to keep that up for long.

At which point Shansu sunk two arrows deep into her, killing her. She dissolved into a pile of purple dust.

The lord- Ciyoran- was grateful for our assistance, though he continued to question our purpose there. He spoke of the woman- Masha- who was a mountain spirit from the Black Mountain of Flame, in the peaks of the Roof of the World. She was the mother of Paed-Nau, as well as this lord.

Eirwen tried to continue speaking to him, but her knowledge of the Annacar language failed her and we were instructed to leave, though we could remain on the island for a short time. He gave Eirwen and Shansu a glass bottle of wine and a silver bracelet each. His father, Ciyoran, would be displeased he’d let us go.

We returned to the antechamber to find Beomere waking up. We decided to take him back to the boat. Once there, Eirwen wanted to investigate the western shore of the island, looking for the door she’d seen underwater. Shansu accompanied her being the fastest in the wilderness.

(More to come)



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