Daggers, broadswords, axes, shackles, pirate ships, corrupt advisors, knife-wielding high priests, temple guardians, feats of desperate strength, mysterious artifacts, burglary, treachery, perverted aristocracy, slaves, roguish heroes who look out for themselves, spending all of your spoils and finding yourself once again penniless, ancient laws that demand a life be taken, facing mighty beasts with nothing but your bare hands, gladiatorial pits, mad magicians, dark and evil gods, pious fools, cities in squalor, barren wildlands, hardened savages, cunning city folk, elaborate human sacrifices, double-crosses, smugglers, wars of conquest and succession, grudging respect, duels, desperate flights under of cover of night, foot-padding into well-guarded fortresses, oaths and exclamations, human vice, living for the day, port-towns where anything might be bought or sold, peddlers of flesh, ironic twists of fate, dungeons, sewer passages, pyramids and ziggurats, black towers, local guides, chance meetings that lead to steadfast allies, chiefs who lead through strength, wizards who barely resemble men any more, men of savage grace who move like panthers, daggers that strike quickly in the dark, cannibalistic fiends, tent cities, weather-worn nomads, teenagers raised by themselves in the back alleys, slavers and kidnappers, arrogant nobles, tyrannical governments, merchants so wealthy they are above the law, hidden complexes full of slaves, leather clothing with little practical value

The Amear

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