In the lore of the Amear, the Yeti are magical creatures. Mythic, dwelling in the highest places, they are beings of the winter, and because of this they are held in awe.

Yetia are the lesser and more numerous kin of the famed Yeti, and though they are not ancient elemental creatures, they do have some of the characteristics of the greater race that spawned them. Large, clever, and dangerous, the Yetia live in a lethal symbiotic relationship with the Amear. They hunt the Amear for weapons, tools, and blood. Amear hunt the Yetia for pelts and horn. The two races do not communicate, and no great understanding has ever grown. Yetia horn is used in the crafting of the Amear bow, and this is one of the primary weapons of The People.

Yetia hunt in small packs, and have superior hearing and smell. They rarely descend into lowlands unless driven there by outside forces. Large and fierce, they will wield weapons of simple manufacture, or those looted from the Amear.

Note: Yetia can be spoken to if a common language is used. The default diplomacy penalty is rather high of course, and a friendly note from GM to players: Yetia are intelligent, and if you walk in with a bow made from a relative’s horns, they tend to get angry…


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