A Weagra is a title held by members of an Amear Tribe who have been given responsibility for a task or goal, usually involving the leading of others. The title is usually given to those who are placed in charge of a warband, however it can be given for a much larger or impactful purpose.

The Amear do not select leaders to rule them forever, instead deferring to the great social and family pressures to keep order. The very nature of this title is temporary, a thing that is given often because an Amear has shown ability and wisdom.

Any Amear who has held the title of Weagra is allowed to speak without being asked to do so at the Wepontak. Former Weagra, as well as Nierans, make up the tribal elders. For all Summerborn Amear, this is the only path to full adult participation in tribal affairs, and as such it is highly prized.

A Weagra has absolute power during conflict, up to and including life or death. To be sure, this does not overwhelm the great force of culture that hovers over everything the Amear do. Amear are a free thinking folk, but they do understand that in times of crisis a single leader is needed. Even old and highly respected tribal elders will defer to a decision made by a Weagra


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