Varg, Bestu, Gnoll, Dogmen, these are the primary figures that spring to mind when one thinks of “The Pack”. Swift, cunning, relentless, they are among the most dire enemies of The People, and they in turn fear and loathe what the Amear are.

Varg are smaller than Amear, but they are faster on foot, and capable of complex and lethal teamwork when hunting a foe. Without Ghur they are similar to a pack of dogs or wolves, living in the wilds and hunting for food. They are natural predators, with keen eyesight and a legendary sense of smell.

Varg are not only predisposed to serve the Ghur, they seek them out and desire to be part of the family unit. In this way varg are super social creatures, more so than humans, and the concept of one breaking away from the pack or living alone is a mark of insanity among this race.

it is said among the scouts of The People that “one never escapes the dogmen” and it holds truth. As trackers and hunters, they know no peer, and evading a hunting group of varg is a fool’s game. For this reason, varg in the hunting lands are slain on sight by Amear, without question or hesitation.


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