The Ghur

Anea is ancient, and ages have passed before the current time. In a dim shaded past, before the Age of Myth , there was a race known only as the Sidic. Masters of the Runes, great builders, they walked a young Anea still fresh and new, a thing only passed from the creator’s hand. The Sidic held sway over all of Anea, and they were able to mold beings and craft races. How they did this, even why they chose many forms, is not known.

They created beings known as Ghur, mammals of predators stock, used to control the minds of their minions in an effort to create a utopia. This plan failed, though it is not known why. What is known is that the Ghur rose against the Sidic masters, wielding the mental power over all beings, and eradicating any trace of the Sidic. This great conflict was known as the Scalean war, and the age became known to scholars of the Age of Legend as the Scalean Age.

In a great struggle, the Hnau of Anea strove against the Ghur. The Children of twilight, before they split into the houses of Annacar, Ixiln, and Seldar, stood against the minds of the pack, casting them into oblivion, and using the final power of the Sidic, imprisoned them in bonds of time. Anea was free.

Time passed. Darkness became myth. Myth gave way to legend. The Twilight Garden was lost to memory, civilizations grew and fell into dust. Those who labored within Anea forgot what lay dormant, and incased in their own struggles, they cast down the bindings that held the Ghur. Chaos rose again, and the Anea was swept into a terror that cast entire cultures into the darkness.

In this time a millennia has passed since the rise of the Ghur. They have swept aside thousands of years of order and knowledge, purging civilization in a mad frenzy of hatred and fanaticism. They had no plan, no goal, cooperating only to see the flame of destruction rise and the beauty of order be crushed under claw and tooth.

The Ghur

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