Wielders of Aghra, the life force, world magic, Nierans loosely comprise all members of the tribe who have advanced skill with sorcery. They are the tribal seers, healers, mystics, weatherworkers, and skinchangers.

Nierans form one part of the tribal elders, being allowed to speak at any gathering, regardless of age or other accomplishment. While it is the relative ability and wisdom of each nieran that causes others to heed what is said, the fact remains that even the lowest among the tribal nierans has a voice at the fire, and cannot be made to be silent.

Each tribe has a figure that is held to be the most wise and most learned nieran. This is an informal position, enforced by tradition and the heavy hand of culture. It is traditional that this individual be female, though it is not always the case. This figure is often the oldest among those who touch the Aghra, a figure of reverence to a tribe.

Nierans vary widely in focus, class, and ability. They enforce cultural values, and due to their magical ability, they are often the only connection that the tribes have with each other. In this way, they have held the Amear together as a culture despite the savage wilderness and wide separation of the hidden tribes.


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