Magic in Anea

Magic in Anea

All magic in Anea is derived from one of two basic sources. Regardless of how it is used, what it looks like, what affect it causes, all magic is drawn initially from one of these two sources:

The Pool of Creation : This is an agnostic name that could also be named The Heavens, The Gods, The Cosmos, etc. The Pool of Creation is the force from which Anea herself was created in the forgotten past. It is the source of Divine power, the force that causes the stars to shimmer and the Sun to shine. It is without limit, and is also without ethos.

Anea Herself : Anea is, by her vary being, a magical world. Power runs deep in the forest, rivers, mountains, and oceans. Anea was forged with magic, and is a source of magic that is steeped in blood, heredity, and nature.

Magic is drawn from these sources in two ways, directly or through an intermediary. This simple division according to source and method are what define the four types of magic in Anea.

Mysticism : (Source: Anea, Method: Intermediary)
Mysticism is magic drawn from Anea via an intermediary spirit. It is the magic of spirits, and is one of the most common forms of magic found in the world. Almost every culture, society, or race has individuals who communicate with the spirits of the land. These spirits come in many forms, ranging in power from a near dead ancestor who advises and comforts the mystic, to spirits of power so great that they are thought to be Gods. Spirits can be found in nearly every location in the world, making this form of magic versatile and universal.

Players using mysticism will find it is tied to spirits, heavily ritualized, and very regionalized. They may be shamans of a savage tribe, wise women in a small hamlet, or sooth sayers telling fortunes of any who will pay.

Mysticism is directly tied to the Spirit Sight feat, and requires skill support and the use of fetishes to appease spirits. It can be greatly linked to locations, as spirits are often tied to places.

Sorcery : (Source: Anea, Method: Direct)
Sorcery is magic that is drawn directly from Anea herself. It is a gift of the world, a birthright, a link to the vast and breathing land. Sorcery is an art, an aspect of the very being of the wielder. It is why Dragons breathe flame, why pixies vanish from sight, why the song of a mermaid beguiles and charms, why the trees sing. Sorcery requires little or no preparation, can be used without word or device, and is, in most cases, not considered magic at all, but rather the intrinsic power of a race or being.

Players using sorcery will find it is fast and simple to wield, but has limitations in the capacity of power, and the locations that assist in amassing power. The greatest virtue of sorcery to a character lies in its speed and lack of risk or demand. It is part of the characters makeup.

Sorcery Use is a feat that allows the character to use sorcery. It requires the character have some sort of biological link to Anea, though this link need not be great. Character’s who desire to use sorcery should consider what ancestry they will begin play with and speak to the Ref.

A human thief with a hint of fey blood, who uses a spell in order to enhance his stealth, is using sorcery.

A Dragon wielding a terrible breath weapon is doing so due to sorcery.

Divine Magic : (Source: The Pool of Creation, Method: Intermediary)
Divine magic is the magic that has been drawn from the Pool of Creation by an intermediary that is not “of Anea”. Such intermediaries take many forms, but to the followers of such beings, they are usually thought of as deities or Gods. The magic is ritualized, and based on the faith of the wielder. And is common, and widely accepted as proper in many areas of the world.

Players will find Divine Magic to be narrow in focus based on the tenants of the religion it supports, but somewhat simple to wield because only those of proper faith can use it. The greatest virtue in divine magic lies in its applicability to the goals and ethos of the character in question.

Divine Magic is tied directly to the Child of Faith feat. It is not easy to qualify to use, and carries with it a constant demand for following the ethos of the intermediary.

A priest calling forth the power of her deity to heal the sick is using the power of the divine.

A cultist, offering blood to an ancient demon, and in so doing gaining power from that demon, is wielding divine magic

Wizardry : (Source: The Pool of Creation, Method: Direct)

The Pool of Creation is a vast and limitless source of power. Rather than following the strict and often narrow ethos of a deity to draw on this power, some bypass such intermediaries, and draw directly from the Pool, to wield this power in any way they desire. This is a dangerous activity, both in the act itself, and in the refuting of the intermediaries who feel the Pool is theirs alone.

A WIzard in a tall tower, using his intellect and his chamber of magic, is wielding wizardry.

A Ghur Pack, wielding strong mental power to bind others to their will, is actually using a form of wizardry.

Wizardry is tied to The Gift , a rare condition that allows a Hnau to channel the power of the Pool. In many cultures this is viewed as a curse, and those who are found to have this ability are treated harshly.

Magic in Anea

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