Anea is a place of many languages, and characters will learn to speak these with increasing skill as they gain level.

A character will begin play with several languages that they “know”. Each of these has a value associated with it as well as a linguistics and Social modifier.

Very Poor: (-8) can recognize that the language is being spoken, can barely speak it
Poor: (-6) Can make pidgeon talk, swear
Fair: (-4) You can make yourself understood, sort of
Basic: (-2) You can speak the language with accent and some mistakes
Learned: (0) You can speak this language and read it if the scrypt is known
Good: (+2) You know this language, and speak it without accent

When a character is trying to speak, write, or read, a language other than thier that of thier birth, they must make a linguistics skill check, modified as shown above.

Characters gain language ability through the actual table top play.

  • Known Languages**
    Amear – spoken by all the known Amear tribes, with slight variation from location to location
    Azear – The language of the lost Azear
    Vanear – The language of the lost Sea Wolves

Duargar (Delver) – The language and writing of the Duargar race
Annacar – The ancient language of the Annacar, also used by Ice Mages in Age of Legend
Seldar – The language of the Seldar, dervived from Annacar
Khursani – An ancient language, left in word only, of a lost culture
Keldarian – the ancient language of the Deradam

Beastu – a primarily non verbal language of the beasts
Ku-Ran (Brown Orc) – the language of the Ran, the brown orcs of Aran.
Denj (Red Orc) – the language of the Denja, the red orcs of the lake region
Yetan – the language of the Yetia, non verbal


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