Kadda, Satrya, Horned Ones, Faun are names given to one of the most dangerous of the Ghur’s servants. Creatures of Aghra, they shape the wilderness to serve the chaos and predation of The Pack.

Kadda are both social and solitary beasts. Highly intelligent, but bearing a sinister nature, they spend winter months in prepared dwellings, formed from the world around them, hidden from all. it is here that mated pairs care for newborn and form social bonds. With the thaw, Kadda separate, newborn with their fathers to learn the ways of their kind, females leaving the family unit to hunt and feed their drive toward chaos. With the snows bonded pairs meet again, and remain so for life.

Kadda prefer temperate forested lowlands to alpine regions. They can, however, be found in almost any natural forest that has ample rain and fodder.

Kadda wield strong sorcery, with a cultural variance based on location, just as all sorcery wielders do. They have an affinity for blood magic, but they are not solely dependent on that source. They are highly intelligent, capable of complex plans, and excelling at plots that involve cunning and surprise.

The Amear do not fear these creatures, for they are fewer in number than the fleet varg or the mighty jotun. Being intelligent, Kadda avoid Amear, fearing them and despising the society of The People. it is said that the horns of the Kadda hold great magical power, but the elusive nature of these beasts make them hard to gather.


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