Ice Falls

North of the Gray Teeth, high between two mighty peaks, lies a waterfall that cascades thousands of feet, like a ribbon of winter. This is known as the “Ice Falls” to the Amear, and it is home to one of the largest tribes of The People.

Over six villages lie in the valley to the northeast. Blackstone, Two Rivers, Lakehome, High Pass, Winter’s Branch, and Green Field. Each is home to the lodges and forge of the Amear.

The size and prosperity of the tribe has resulted in greater specialization among these Amear. Highpass is the only known center for Wicce in the north, and Blackstone is a center for weapons training, (fighters). Advances in alchemy, lore, and Aghra have made the tribe strong, and this generation of braves is the largest in known history.

These are the people of Eirwen, Toroc, Shansu, and Erik

Ice Falls

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