An Ashadim is an outsider that exists within the Gate of Heaven. Some name them gods or angels, still others view them as nothing more than an Outsider to Anea, preying on the souls of all Hnau. Almost all Ashadim care nothing for Anea. They exist beyond time, and cannot concieve of a need to interact with mortals who are gone before they have even learned to speak. There are, however, exceptions.

An Ashadim who “descends” to Anea is tied to the wheel of time, and as such they can be slain or perish of hunger or anguish. Such figures are seen as deities, and act as strong intermediaries, chennelling the power of the pool unto thier followers. These figures are called “Elamites” by scholars of the Age of Legend, and they have played a great role in the history of Anea, ruling as divine queens, or god emperors.

There are countless classifications of Outsiders who act as intermediaries. They come from the vast reaches of the void, from the dark reaches unknown to Hnau. They range in power radically, and few have any kind of common belief with thier subjects. The Elamites are different. They do understand what Anea is, what Hnau are, and how they relate to the Gate of Heaven. As such, they are both more gifted as living deities, and prone to the range of Hnau emotions.

Elamites vary in overall appearence, but all have golden skin, brilliant eyes, and fair features.


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