Eirwen's Visions

Visions do come to the Wicce, almost exclusively among the Nierans of the Amear. They tend to come in the form of dreams, or meditative thought. They come again and again, revealing the value via persistence rather than a Eureka! moment. They come as wisdom and understanding. When she dreamed of Beomere/Charon she first saw a wolf, then the eyes of a wolf, then the eyes of a man, etc. She pondered this in Highpass for months, and discussed it at length with her teachers. When she finally strapped a pack on and began to climb the Ice Falls, she did so knowing it was correct, but not knowing the outcome.

Ice Falls Bastion
(One of our early sessions)
She had a compelling vision of Beomere, his burning eyes, and Charon, his wolf companion. She also saw clearly the Ice Falls Bastion entry. It was this detailed vision that caused her to trek up and over the highlands, with only a kinsman at her side, to seek out the person and the place. Clearly this was more than a feeling or a mere dream. Disciplined wise women do not pack bags and climb glaciers on a hunch, this was a vision/dream she had repeatedly, for over a month, and it robbed her of sleep, and even intruded on her meditation.

Beomer and Charon
(Not sure what continuing vision means)
She still sees visions of the eyes of Beomer and the fangs of Charon, of a sense of desperate fear, and a deep sadness of loved ones lost or unprotected. In these two she feels a sense of loss, a deep and grim determination for revenge, but something separate, totally, from the Amear.

(This vision has not come to pass yet)
She has had visions of a broad shadow, the darkness of a storm in winter, that lies over the land. This she knows exists now, and is not a thing that will come to pass. In this she sees a shifting form, predatory and lethal. Relentless. This vision is the most difficult, as it awakens a primal fear in her. She feels that this shadow is always seeking to consume all her people are, were, and will be.
Painted Wooden Post
(This vision has not come to pass yet)
She has dreamed of a painted wooden post, carved with animal figures and forms, with a feeling of grace and feminine beauty, a place of protection and healing. She often sees this just before she wakes, a glimmer, swift, but just on the edge of her conscious mind, as if something or someone is trying to reach out to her. She has seen this vision from the time she was a young girl, and it gives her peace.

She has seen further versions of this vision. She has seen a blonde woman in front of a slate gray sea. A village of stone and thatch. It’s colder here- farther north, perhaps? She has seen as a bird flying, in through a window. Three women- the blonde one, one ancient woman, and a child. The blonde woman calls out to Eirwen, ‘Come to me.’
(Vision was sent to her by an Outsider who wanted to possess her)
She sees a field of bones, surrounding a seven stage ziggurat of cut red/gray stone with a single flame burning atop its center stage. There is no stairway, and the size of the stones would make it difficult for a human to climb to the top. The pyramid contains seven levels, and on each stone, facing outward, are markings of a strange scene depicting humanoid figures receiving submission from animals and beasts. She sees this as if she is flying above, circling, and spiraling ever lower, around the flame. She feels a sense of danger and anguish, and is certain something is calling to her in a voice that sounds as many, but is one. A second voice then cries out, calling her a “winter child” and demands she awaken. She woke with a start, thirsty and head pounding. In a later vision she ‘met’ Talfiak- the second voice- who left her with his mark on her forehead.

Elf Door
(The figure she cannot see is the father of Paed-Nau)
She has dreamed of an “elf door”, waves of a great sea, and the eyes of a cold humanoid figure, a man. She cannot see his face. In every dream about this figure, it seems as if he knows she is seeing him, and he turns from her. This vision is the most clear, and the most vivid, yet she cannot make out the figure. (note: the Amear use the term “elf” as an adjective for anything old that was not natural, it does not mean it was made by Annacar or Ixiln). This door she sees is near water, or covered by water, or leads to water. (In subsequent visions, Eirwen realizes the door is under the water on the west side of the island- more can be found here)

In The Peacock Angel’s Fury, Eirwen and Shansu found and opened the door, under the waves of the Sea of Jianukkan. There they found a convergence with aspects of Healing, Poison & Death. The convergence practically reached out to Eirwen, and the spirit of Talfiak had to stop her from succumbing. When she tapped this convergence she saw two new visions- one was a further vision of the Painted Wooden Post and the woman, the other was that of a red-haired man- huge and obvious with ill purpose. She also saw snow, a stone tower and the same slate gray sea. He appeared to be looking at the the 3 women.

Eirwen's Visions

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