Duargar, Delvers, Dwarves, Stunted Folk, Enemies of All The old lore of the Amear does not speak of Yetia, Ghur, Orcs, Demons, or Varg, but it does speak of the Delvers. The Amear hold that the first Weagra stole the secret of iron from the Delvers, and drove them from the low places, up into the higher peaks. Thus we name the most ancient and bitter enemy of The People, The Duargar.

Alien, ruthless, brilliant, flawed, archaic, clever. All these words describe the Duargar. They scream that they were the first to come to this world, that they are not “of Anea” at all, that they are older than the gods, a race that tampered with the mechanics of time itself. They wield magic from beyond the world, but give homage to no deity or spirit, and they use it in a manner that both horrifies and confuses. As workers of metal and stone they have no equal, yet what they craft with these materials is often without apparent use or artful purpose.

Duargar can be found in all regions of Anea, but they despise hot weather, preferring colder climes. They thrive at high altitudes, but have no trouble going well below the water table itself should they need to. They build like no other race, but they destroy what they tire of, as if they are seeking to create what is perfect, and become bitter at earlier failures.

Amear hold that they cannot be trusted, and Duargar view the Amear as the very race that drove them from the lowlands. The hatred is pure and undiluted with concern or appreciation.


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