In this campaign the term “beast” refers in general to animal-like creatures that have some measure of intellect.

But this is only half the story.

There are creatures, Beasts (with a capitol B), that are animalistic, but are predisposed to serve the Ghur or others of that breed. It is rumored that there are five such races, but these have adapted to local environments, differing in general appearance. When history speaks of the Pack Mind, the Ghur are the Mind, and the Beasts are the Pack. In all these cases, there is something that makes these creatures more vulnerable, or perhaps more open, to the mental power of the Ghur. Without the Ghur they are simply smart animals, but with the controlling race they become something capable of great and terrible things.

Beasts are not evil by predisposition. They are wild, without civilization. In the lore of the Amear, they are enemies of all, not to be bargained with, but to be killed. While animals are seen as things of danger and beauty, beasts are seen as things incapable of ever coexisting with the Tribes. They are hunted, and in turn hunt.

Gameplay Note: Beasts are a special category of enemy, and any spell, class feature, or ability that is tied to a specific “type” may be made to focus on “Beasts”. If done in this manner, Ghur are considered part of this racial group. Note that though very similar to animals, all abilities tied to animals will not work when applied to Beasts.


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