Azear and Vanear

The Amear are The People. To the knowledge of the Nieran, they are alone in the world, surrounded by Beasts, Orcs, and other enemies who are not human. Yet the stories speak of two other groups, who, like the Amear, were given the gift of Aghra.

The Azear are said to be golden haired, tall and proud, living far to the north at the edge of the Sea. They bear the blue eyes of a human, and are said to live in smaller groups.

The Vanear are said to have red hair, living on islands amid a slate grey sea. They were great warriors and able to build homes that crossed the sea, much like boats float on the river.

No Nieran has ever seen one of these People. It is thought they were swept aside in the Time of Chaos. The memory of who they were has been lost, and only the rumor remains.

Azear and Vanear

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