An Overview of Anean History

This is not a detailed or specific history of this world. In most campaigns I would remain silent about this, letting the players uncover and understand what came before as an aspect of in game roleplay. This campaign is, however, different because of the resource held by Beomear; The Rune of Knowledge. Because this exists, and because the party spends many evenings sitting around a campfire passing summer ale around, it is fitting that a general understanding of when this story takes place would be known.

Remember, these memories and understandings are not Beomear’s. He is an outsider, and understands these echoes because of an uncanny ability.

Creation: Anea was crafted by a figure known only as The Creator using the tools now known as the Runes. The land and seas were molded, but rather than seven days, this creation took millennia, and the world was primal and held no Hnau. It is said that at this time the Creator brought forth a number of beings. Firstborn was the figure that would hold all Runes, and complete what the Creator left behind. From his hand came the Sidic. Second came the Dragons. Third came the Coure. Fourth came the Ionan, Fifth came the Carean.

The Scalean Age: This age marks the ascendance of the Sidic Race, though it is not known what they were, and no record of what the looked like has ever been found. The term Scalean refers to the type of power they wielded, and it has come to refer to this ancient era. In this age, the Sidic created a race called the Ghur. In this age the Ionan fled to the sea, and took refuge on islands. In this age the Carean crafted artifacts, some that have survived through the ages. Of these actions, the Rise of the Ghur was the most impactful.

The Ghur turned on the Sidic, the Ionan, and the Carean. In order to fight against the Ghur, it was the Ionan who brought forth the Children of Twilight, and the first leader of these folk, Annacaro, swept the Ghur from the face of the world, and bound those who could not be defeated, casting them beneath the waves. With this act, the Children of Twilight closed the Scalean Age forever.

The Age of Myths: In the minds of most, this is the initial age of Anea. Far to complex to detail here, it represented the world before recorded history, before the rise of great civilizations, before the advent of sailing and roads. It also represents the age of the Children of Twilight, and their eventual splitting into varied peoples. It marks the time of the Deradam, beings who had been Hnau, but who were chosen by outsiders to bring wisdom and learning to Anea. In time, some of these Deradam grew to enjoy the power of the material world, and this led to great tragedy, and a great influx of Outsiders.

The Age of Legends: The time of Humanity. Of empires and cities, of literature and culture, a time of exploration and economies, a time of war and conquest. It is the time of Demron, Talfiak, and many other heroes that came before. In the end, it was a time of great, perhaps the greatest, tragedy, for it was wise and brilliant minds that released the ancient Ghur, and this, in turn, carried the civilizations of legend into the pyre. This is the time of the second Ghur Holocaust.

The Age of Chaos: The current time. Civilization did survive, but only in regions that could not be touched by The Ghur. Most of the world, indeed 70% of the land mass, was purged of civilization by tooth and claw. This struggle now plays out in an ancient land that has reverted to wilderness. The remains of empires cling to far off coasts, slipping backward, holding the old ways in a death grip. The Children of Twilight have turned on one another, refighting old battles, refusing to stand before the threat. The only saving grace rests in the limitation on the Ghur, and for that matter any other whop draw from the Pool of Creation, due to actions of the Deradam Elcar.

An Overview of Anean History

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