Ice Falls Water: gathered, no DC Effect: enhance

The water of Wind Lake, fed by the Ice Falls Glacier, adds to the prosperity and health of the tribe. When used as a base for teas, potions, or other liquid base of alchemy or herblore, the check for those skills to create the substance is +1. The shelf life of any substance made with the glacial water is doubled.

Grains of High Summer: gathered, alchemy DC 15/nature DC 5 Effect: enhance

The first grains planted around the old standing stones may be harvested each year at dawn. If properly gathered, these grains can be used as a base for many alchemical formulas. Further, if ground into flour and baked, cooking DC 5, alchemy DC 15, the resulting bread will have a shelf life of up to 2 months. This is the ‘waybread” of the Amear, and it is gathered from every tribal convergence that will allow for the planting of crops.

High Summer Beer: brewing DC 5, alchemy DC 15 Effect, great beer

Used in ceremony and name days, this beer, crafted of Ice Falls Glacier water, the best High Summer grains, a hint of sweetbark, and malty northern hops, could give any microbrew a run for its money. It holds a great shelf life in not exposed to the sun, (thus usually brewed then stored in masonry bottles), lasting for over a year. The beer is potent, being about 50% stronger than typical brew, and it grants a +2 moral bonus to strength and saves vs fear.

If there were trade items in this setting, this is what your tribe would export.

Winter Draught: Brewing DC 17/Alchemy DC 21 Effect: visions

The Grains of High Summer can be added and fermented with the juice of the Winterberry into a brandy that carries with it mystical qualities. This Draught is made from two specially harvested items, then laid down on Midwinter Night. The draught is left for years, and only opened again on Midwinter Night. It is difficult to craft, and difficult to obtain the ingredients for, and thus it is precious. It also aids in the visions of the wicce, though some claim this is simply a method of their keeping this wine to themselves as it tastes like winter floating on a ray of sunlight.

It is very potent, -4 will saves, -4 perception, +4 wisdom, this effet lasts for approximately 20 minutes, though it is usually administered in large doeses, with affects lasting a full day.

Fire peppers: grown: Nature DC 8

Fire peppers are part of the myths of the Amear, a plant central to the diet, but one that requires grat care and special conditions to thrive. It is not found in the wild, but instead only grows in the gadens and lodges of the tribes. It is said to be found in some convergences, those associated with fire, as well, but it will grow if raised with care.

Fire peppers are good in food. This is the simple use they have in everyday cooking in amear lands.

Fire Pepper Oil Alchemy DC 16 oil/thrown reflex DC 14
1 – blindness 1d4 rounds
2 (1 expires) – blindness 1d4 minutes

Fire peppers can be reduced to make an oil, used to cause pain and blindness when used on the eyes of an enemy. Think of this as fantasy pepper spray. The oil must be held in some type of container, but if it can be thrown it causes pain and blindness to the target.

Carri Root Paste alchemy DC 28 Effect: +4
Danger: Highly Addictive, causes madness

The gift of Jianukkan. The Carri root is simple to find. It grows in the shallows as a water grass all along the lakes and rivers in your homeland. It is often chewed as it acts as a mild accelerant and has a slight narcotic effect.

If the root of this grass is boiled and reduced, it becomes a flat yellow powder. This is then mixed with lake water and dried into a gummy paste. This paste is brutally addictive, debilitating physically, and can bring madness. It also grants +4 to perception/concentration/magic attack, -2 to will saves. For this reason, there are nierans who chew this paste every day, knowing full well that it will cause them to die young.

Sweetbark: gathered survival DC 5 effect: tastes great

Sweetbark grows on the broadleaf tree, once it has reached about 10 years maturity. It will “molt” several times a year, and the bark can be harvested easily. The bark can be shredded and steeped in a sweet dark tea that smells of the highlands and is a favorite holiday drink of the tribes. It can also act as a sweetener in basic cooking in this form, and has a very long shelf life.

Sweetbark Tea: Alchemy/nature DC 13 effect: Improves healing, feverbreak

If brewed properly, sweetbark tea aids the body in healing wounds and recovering from illness. The tea has a very short shelf life, about 5 minutes. Any character drinking it doubles normal healing over the next day, as well as gaining a +1 to throw off any illness.

Sweetbark Elixir: Alchemy DC 24/18 Effect: healing/cure, feverbreak

The bark can be rendered and reduced, producing a deep brown oil. This oil, blended with water, honey, and mint, creates an amazing elixir, used by every healer in the Amear tribes. The amount of healing is based on the quality of the oil and the skill of the alchemical mixture and will range from 1d6 healing to 5d6.

Silverfin Tea survival/nature DC 5 Effect: healing

The silverfin is so called because it is the leaf of a lowland willow tree that looks remarkably like a fish’s fin. The leaf has a lumeniscent quality, causing it to shimmer slightly in the sun, thus the name. the leaf has a strong medicinal flavor, reminiscent of camphor. It opens the breathing passages and relaxes muscles. If used in this simple manner, it offers a +2 to a subsequent heal roll.

Silverfin Poultice survival/nature DC 25 Alchemy Dc 16 Effect: healing

Silverfin, chewed, mashed, and mixed with mud and leaves, makes an excellent poultice that will clean an infected wound, or to remove poisons. If used to aid in healing, it offers a +4 to a specific healing attempt, removes corruption, and offers a second save vs poison made at +4. This will only function vs animal and plant poisons.

Hemlock: Brew DC 15 (herbalism/alchemy)
Fort Save DC 11 1 = 1 con, 2 = 1d4 str
An herbal ingested poison Shelf life: long as herb

Hemlock is a plant with a nasty reputation, and it is common. In this simple form it is a common herbal ingested poison. Hemlock is used in many more advanced poisons, and it is cultivated for this reason mainly. It has a strong taste, but it can be covered with other blends.

Nightshade: Brew DC 16 (herbalism/alchemy)
Fort Save DC 16 1 = 1 str 1 con, 2 = 1d6 con
An herbal ingested poison Shelf Life: long as herb

Nightshade is a broad leafed ground cover growing in temperate regions. It has a dark purple, almost midnight blue hue. In order to be properly used, it is actually the open flower of the plant that must be harvested. This may only be done at twilight, when the plant is dew covered, and the water reacts with the flower to create a deep, rich, aroma. Nightshade is difficult to detect, and adds a slightly herbal taste to a brew. It is not common.

Nightshade Poison Brew DC 27 (alchemy)
Fort save DC 18 1 = 1d4 str 1d4 con
2 = 1d6 con
An herbal ingested poison Shelf Life: very long

This poison is a killer, derived from the reduction and proper preparation of the Nightshade plant. It is a deep purple in color, and has a strong herbal smell. It is not difficult to detect by a trained eye or nose. It will kill swiftly.

Animal Alchemy

The Left Foot: gathered, survival DC 5/alchemy 15 Effect: base product

It is known that the left foot of a four legged mammal contains the final element of its gift from Anea. If taken from a slain animal, it can be used in a number of alchemical ways. It is said that Hnau can be harvested in this way, but this is forbidden in Amear culture.

Lifeblood: gathered survival DC 5/spellcraft DC 15 Effect: magical

The blood of living things holds great power. Is often called for in varied alchemical formulas Blood opften holds a property of the essence of powerful beings. The Amear know this, and are not bothered at all about gathering it. Amear are practical that way.

Yeti Horn: Survival DC 10 Effect: a cool looking blue/black horn of the yetia

Yetia are a semi sentient race of bi-pedal predators that are hunted by, and in turn hunt, the Amear. In a strange symiotic relationship, the yetia stalk the Amear seeking food, iron, and blood. Amear stalk the yetia seeking horn, skins, and the left foot of each. The Amear use almost every part of a yetia, but they do not devour the flesh, instead feeding it to the dogs or leaving it to rot. Devouring the flesh of Hnaru is forbidden, and yetia are hnau. The horn is used in the crafting of the main bow of the amear, but it also has properties, when ground into a dust, that can be used in alchemy.

Yeti Blood: Alchemy DC 23 Effect: clear vision and endure temperature

When boiled and mixed into a paste, the yetia powder can be made into a chewable plug-tobacco like substance called “Yeti Blood” because it causes red spit. It is ofen blended with other, flavor adding, items such as honey or sweetbark. When chewed, it clears vision and removes any impediment due to glare, causing the user to be immune to being dazzled. During this time the chewer is also better able to endure cold temperatures. This lasts for as long as the “plug” lasts, usually for 10 minutes.

Ice Falls Fish: gathered survival DC 8 effect: superior food

The fish of Wind Lake are one of the prime food sources for The Tribe. They are particularly healthy and fierce, and if eaten, they count double for nutritional value. They just seem to fill you up, and are white and flakey.

Ice Falls Caviar: gathered= survival DC 12 Brined =Alchemy DC 26

The Caviar of the lake salmon found in Wind Lake is of particular quality. It is difficult to harvest, and once gathered from a female, it is in itself a high value food. If taken and properly brined in a mixture of salt, lake water, and crushed yetia horn, the caviar changes color to deep ice blue, and gains a flavor unmatched in the known world. It must be removed from the brine just as the deep azure color sets in, or it is ruined. Removed too soon, and it is bitter, foul. Once brined with the yetia horn, the blue caviar has a shelf life of over a year provided it is kept cool. It is also delicate, and must maintain form in order to work as an alchemical item.

A small amount spoonful of this caviar will grant the imbiber low light vision for 1 minute per quality, (set by creation alchemy roll). The will also feed and nourish the user as if they had a full day of meals, and it tastes fantastic.

Kedda Horn Dust Initial harvest survival or alchemy DC 10, preperation alchemy DC 12

Kedda are beasts of Aghra, and they have many innate magical qualities that make them dire foes of The People. The horns of this magical creature, when ground slowly and gathered, produce a shimmering mica-like dust with strange qualities. When added to another alchemical product, they enhance or improve that item in some way. This quality, while not totally random, is not consistent, and the very nature of the capricious beast is captured in the strange way it will act when added to a known formula.

It is not dangerous, but it does produce a rather bitter taste, and will cause any alchemical product to gain a slight luminescence.


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