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  • Alchemy

    *Ice Falls Water*: gathered, no DC Effect: enhance The water of Wind Lake, fed by the Ice Falls Glacier, adds to the prosperity and health of the tribe. When used as a base for teas, potions, or other liquid base of alchemy or herblore, the check for …

  • Toroc

    *Deeds/important events* -Toroc's childhood home invaded by Duergar slavers of the _Shadowsteel Clan_, killing his father and brothers and enslaving 11 year old Toroc, his mother, and many of the women and children of his village. -Toroc's grows into a …

  • Kaarl

    Kaarl was Weagra a generation ago when the Ice Falls Tribe threw back The Pack just west of Black Stone. It was Kaarl and his sister, Navaa, who rallied the tribe, gathered the spears, and stood at the front of the line of battle. This action cost Navaa …

  • Usul

    usul is a Nieran originally of the Grey Wolf Amear, a warder by training. He came to the ranks of the Nierans late in life, initially serving as a warrior and scout. He is known to have travelled to regions beyoind those seen by even the most adventerous …

  • Kro

    Kro is among the most skilled warriors of the Otter, renown for his speed and lethality, a true son of summer. He is slightly older than Corymr, but the two did grow up together in the long huts of the Blue Lake Village. Kro is popular, with a hard …

  • Hrasl

    Hrasl is charismatic and good looking, and along with his sister, part of the most musical duo in the lodge. He has not given any thought to learning to be a wicce, and instead has locked on to becoming a skinchanger.

  • Hrindle

    Hrindle is both beautiful and charismatic, and is known in the tribe as a singer. She has asked about who and what wicce were and is widely viewed as a future Nieran.

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