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  • Eirwen's Visions

    Visions do come to the Wicce, almost exclusively among the Nierans of the Amear. They tend to come in the form of dreams, or meditative thought. They come again and again, revealing the value via persistence rather than a Eureka! moment. They come as …

  • Eirwen

    30 years old 5'9" 135lbs Dark brown hair, blue eyes. She has a mark of [[:talfiak]] in runic script on her forehead. She is the eldest child of 7 and the only girl born to Ffion and Gwynfor. They all get along well, and if pranks and grief are …

  • Talfiak

    Talfiak is said to be the creator of an artifact of the Amear. it is a legend to The People, and has been given wild and fantastic powers by those who have told and wove its tale.

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