Miscellaneous Loot

Things that don't warrant individual item pages

Weapons Damage Crit Range Crit Dmg Notes
Masterwork Silvered Adar Scimitar 1d6+1 18-20 x2
Masterwork silvered Savathreal Blade 1d10 18-20 x2 (+1 parry defense) (2 handed)
Masterwork silvered Adar Dirk 1d4+1 19-20 x2 (3 of these were taken)

Note: these weapons are beyond just good quality: they are made to be effective e against magical or supernatural beings. As such, even the daggers are valuable.

Armor DR Location Encumbrance Notes
Seldar Chainmail 1d6 1d6+1 chest/abs -3 defense* (2 sets)
Seldar War Helm 1d8 head 0 -3 perception (2 helms)

3 point Bloodstone of Focus: if attuned to, This stone stores 3 power and grants the wielder +2 concentration for casting

(2) Potions of Alacrity (+4 dex for 7 minutes)
(2) Potions of Healing (adds 5 hit points per round for five rounds, 25 total)
(2) Potions of Breath (breath freely and +20 swim for 7 minutes)

Books: When we start play next session I will allow a search roll to be made to see what, if any, books catch your eye. You have a lot to lug out of this place, so don’t get any ideas about snagging a huge stack of books.

3 wooden figurines (which Cormyr said contains some magic)
glowing pink earring
silver ring
alchemy pouch

4 sets of Yettia horn and hide if anyone needs to make a bow

Jade stone shaped like a hand, and other pouches taken from Seldar in garden (Peacock Angel’s fury)

2 glass bottles of wine, from Ciyoron.


(Please delete items that your character has claimed.)

Miscellaneous Loot

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