The Frost Knife

weapon (melee)

+2 to hit & damage, 1d6 slashing/piercing, critical = 19/x3, +2 to confirm critical hits, range 5
+3 damage and bypass DR for some fire based creatures
3 Point Blue Pearl Frost Stone in pommel: Holds three points of power usable to cast any frost spell, not required for weapon bonuses. Stores one Frost Sorcery spell. This stored spell can be cast as a swift action in conjunction with an attack, or as a spell.
+1 to resist disarm attempts (grip)


The weapon is a blade heavy Amear longknife crafted from a bluish steel known to bygone smiths. It is chilled to the touch, with a razor sharp edge. The pommel is crafted of some type of white ivory horn, wrapped in a hard, deep ink blue, sea urchin skin, forming an excellent grip even when wet. The blade is over 9 inches long, with a slight curve, suitable as both a weapon and tool. At the base of the blade, were it meets the crossbar, is etched the name “Bloodchiller” in what Beomer calls The Amear language written in Annacar script.

Eirwen won this knife in the Ice Wight cavern.


The Amear Genevieve