Indu Ngal (wind daughter)

The former mistress and owner of Toroc


Indu Ngal was the Duargar mistress and owner of Toroc. She was of the Ice Falls Duargar, (so called by the Amear), and eventually set Toroc partially free at the time of her death. This was a marginal gift, as Toroc was chased and almost slain by his former captors.

She treated Toroc well, or as well as her kind are capable of. She valued him as a protector and slave, and it was she who allowed him to wield Firen, despite the misgivings of the others in her Lodge. His size and power gave her a true advantage in the political dealings of her folk. This led to her demise, as her enemies, and even allies, felt she was growing stronger than is acceptable.

She was not merciful, but she was practical, and though the goals and desires were not human, indeed not understandable to an Amear or Orc, she treated all under her control well. Her passing left Toroc with mixed emotions, but he had little time to dwell on these, as the horns of his hunters closed in.


Indu Ngal (wind daughter)

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