The Son of Ciyorax


The party met Ciyoron in the Caves of kareshar, and were able to speak with him for a short period. he claimed to control the caves, and the library within, in the name of his father, Ciyorax. He is a Seldar, one of the famed Children of Twilight, and he allowed the party to depart in peace after the Amear heroes aided him in defending the library from a major spirit.

He appeared lean, with finer features than an Amear, underfed. His gear was of the best quality, and he was able to move with stunning speed. Even fully erect, he did not come up to the shoulder of any of the Amear.

In a direct attack, the Amear returned to the Library of Ciyorax and cut down his Son. The Seldar Lord perished in the library itself, along with his other siblings.



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