High Nieran of the Otter


Ailra is the brilliantly intelligent Nieran of the Otter, and she is also a great healer. Chosen by her peers for the informal position, she handles many of the day to day matters of the tribe. Her strength in wielding Aghra is well known and the main reason for her being chosen to lead, but it is also her quick mind and charisma that aid her.

Ailra is the mother of Corymr, and she wants,(demands), that he select a road that will lead to him being chosen as a Nieran.

Ailra has not travelled widely as she is not a skin changer. Her world is the wide peninsula of land that is her home. It has been through her tireless work, and the work of her fellow Nierans, that have made this homeland a garden of great beauty and value. Under her direction, the Otter have thrived.



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