The Amear

Return to the Rune

Beomear was as mad as Toroc had always feared. Raving mad. Back at the boats at the landing, the Outsider explained his plan of returning to the “libarary” inside the caverns. Toroc himself had never seen this strange place, but his companions had already met more of the powerful Seldar there twice. And been warned to leave, twice. Yet Beomear needed to return, to collect yet another of his mysterious runes of power. Runes he said were necessary to save our world, and his. If he couldn’t stop certain dark forces it would be The End of the World, darkness and destruction. Chaos. His usual rant.

Unbelievably, Cormyr, the sailor, agreed to go on this fool’s quest almost immediately. Toroc was surprised, and more than a little shamed by this strange Amear’s courage. Perhaps Cormyr was lured by the promises of knowledge only his kind could understand. Perhaps he needed to prove himself. Perhaps he was just as mad as Beomear.

Toroc owed Beomear a life debt, and accompanying his friend on this suicide mission would just about pay it off. Disregarding all sense, he would finish their bloody work here on the island. Besides, Toroc had a reputation to protect. “I will go, Outsider.” Toroc grunted and gripped his sword, Firen, and lead the way up the steep mountain path that had become so familiar.

Beomere followed close behind with his giant wolf companion, and Cormyr followed with bow drawn. They moved quietly and quickly up the mountain path, falling easily into the old routine of an Amear hunting party, ready for the dangers that must surely come.

They didn’t have to wait long. Charging directly down the path at them was a pack of 7 raging Yettia. Moving off to the side of the path, waiting amongst the thick forest growth off the path Toroc simply waited for the creatures to come. Beomere did the same, with his wolf at his side. Cormyr crouched further back with drawn bow. The enraged creatures smashed into the party. Cormyr’s managed to get several arrows off as they approached but his arrows had little effect.

The ensuing battle was short but fierce. The Yettia were creatures born to the mountains, and their immense strength, sharp claws, and endless anger made them deadly opponents. Toroc swung Firen in a fury of blows, felling several of the beasts. He could hear Beomere and his wolf locked in a fierce struggle with more of the beasts, and at his periphery he could see Cormyr dropping his bow in favor of a long spear, stabbing relentlessly at one of the Yettia. With the numbers more even the fight ended as quickly as it started, with 6 Yettia corpses strewn across the path.

One female survived, and Beomere questioned her, promising the creature her life in return for information. The creature spoke of a long standing pact that had been broken by the Seldar, which infuriated the Yettia on the island. They had been looking for a fight. The creatures had chosen poorly. The lone surviving Yettia was allowed to leave, and the party hastily removed the bodies from the path.

They climbed quickly to the gardens and the mouth of the cave. There was to be no complicated strategy here, simply a headlong rush at the Seldar in the libary. Toroc and Cormyr followed Beomear through the passageways to the library entrance, where the Outsider said the other rune of power was.

Moving silently, they spotted one well armed Seldar warrior alertly guarding the passageway into the libary. Beomear told them to wait there and be ready to move. Suddenly the Outsider disappeard! Toroc and Cormyr waited at the bottom of the sloping passage. They heard a blood curdling death rattle and sounds of alarm coming from within the library. Apparently Beomear’s signal.

Toroc ran straight at the alarmed Seldar guard, swords crossing in a series of well matched blows. Once inside the libary, Toroc saw a Seldar corpse lying with his throat slit beside a chair in the center of the large room. A Seldar lord in splendid golden armor and another warrior were charging at them from across the libary. Beomear and his wolf engaged the new threat while Toroc cut off the arm and then head of the first Seldar warrior. Beomear was struck in the head by a well aimed Seldar blow and crumpled to the ground. Toroc stepped over his friend to engage the Seldar lord, who swung a beautiful sword impossibly fast, hammering Toroc again and again. Toroc noticed another of the dark childish figures appearing next to the Seldar and laughing. He became entranced by this creature for a short time, and could not find a reason to swing __Firen_.

After their initial surprise attack, the tide of battle had quickly turned against them. Toroc was wounded from blow after blow from the powerful Seldar. The wolf was engaged with the childish creature, Beomere was unconscious, perhaps dead on the ground. Toroc could almost feel death approaching.

Then from behind him Toroc heard Cormyr mutter something indechipherable, and the Seldar lord recoiled in pain! Beomere, with an incredible show of will, propped himself up just long enough to drink from a vial. He stood up quickly and rejoined the fight once again. Cormyr blasted the Seldar lord with powerful magic two more times, finally bringing the mighty lord down. Beomere and Toroc were able to overwhelm the remaining Seldar warrior, and the childish creature disappeared.

Bleeding from a dozen wounds, Toroc looked around in disbelief. They had nearly died so that they could gain control of a room filled with….paper. Lots of paper. Toroc began laughing hysterically. They were all mad.



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