The Amear

On the shore of the Isle of Daughters

Toroc's solo adventure

Toroc crouched in the tall undergrowth, waiting for the beasts to get just a little closer. Four Yettia were encircling the camp, sniffing for their prey and fanning out to capture it. The barbarian smiled. He would not be the prey on this day. Cormyr of the Otter Tribe crouched somewhere behind, waiting.

When one of the Yettia got within reach Toroc called upon his inner Rage, stood up and swung his mighty sword Firen in a power attack against the bewildered creature. Death was instantaneous. Two of the remaining beasts charged towards Toroc, only to be cut down within a few heartbeats.

The last Yettia suddenly sprouted feathers from its chest as Cormyr’s arrow found its mark. Toroc sprang forward and cut into the beast’s stomach, slicing it wide open and spilling its foul guts. The beast was also enraged, however, and picked up the barbarian and threw him a great distance through the air. Toroc crashed painfully to the ground but sprang back to his feet quickly, somehow still with Firen in his grasp. Toroc squared his shoulders, and grasped Firen firmly with both hands. The enraged Yettia was already closing in for another attack. Toroc waited for the perfect moment and swung Firen, finishing the beast in one final stroke. With typical Amear efficiency Toroc dressed the beasts, taking care to preserve both hide and horn. Looking up, he was surprised to see a child sized woodland creature perched in a tree, staring intently at Cormyr. The creature had long dark hair, and seemed to be wearing vines and leaves. Toroc used an Amear hunting signal to alert Cormyr of a watcher, and as soon as he became aware of the creature it darted off into the forest. Toroc and Cormyr half-heartedly debated the pros and cons of taking the boat back out onto the Sea of Jianukkan, as the landing spot did not seem a safe place for the vessel or themselves. Just as they were gazing out onto the open water, they spied a strange craft approaching the beach. Cormyr recognized the strange vessel as Seldar made. It sailed on an impossible course with incredible speed, directly towards the landing point. Toroc and Cormyr quickly took the camp gear (including the woodworking kit) and sped away from the landing using the forest for cover. They quickly climbed the island and found a good vantage point overlooking the beach that still offered some cover. To their dismay the Seldar craft had already beached at the landing. Three of the Seldar appeared to be warrior-like, and were moving with unnatural grace up the trail towards the gardens and the cave entrance. Luckily they did not find the party’s hidden Amear boat. The Seldar sorceress actually flew directly up the side of the island to the gardens, followed by a small army of pixies. The pair of adventurers decided it best to hold off on an attack. The arrival of the Seldar brought unnatural weather as well, and the skies opened up as a great rainstorm enveloped the island. Toroc and Cormyr quickly found some good cover under an overhang in the cliff face to stash the camp goods and quickly discuss their next course of action. It would be impossible to get the boat off the island while the Seldar brought such weather, so they decided that they must attempt to discover if the landing was guarded and to attack the Seldar from behind using the storm as cover. They approached the landing in the rainstorm and discovered the same small childlike creature eating near the shore. Cormyr was somehow sure that this was the creature that controlled the weather. Toroc and Cormyr launched javelins simultaneously at the creature, but it was incredibly fast and managed to twist and turn in the air to avoid being struck by both. Toroc charged in with Firen, knocking the agile creature with the flat of the sword into a nearby tree, twisting and breaking its spine. The storm began to die down immediately after the creature’s death. The Seldar sorceress flew down from the gardens towards the landing, her pixie army in tow. Toroc managed to throw his javelin and strike the sorceress’ chest from over 80 yards away, sending her sinking to the ground. Meanwhile, the pixies descended. Five of the small creatures flew about Toroc, frustrating him with tiny jabs which carried with them a weak sleeping poison. Toroc managed to kill three of the creatures, but one in particular kept hitting him again and again, frustrating the giant warrior who was unable to kill this one small opponent. A small black cloud suddenly enveloped Cormyr and the pixies that were attacking him. All five pixies were killed instantaneously. Cormyr looked surprised by what happened, then collapsed into unconsciousness. The sorceress slowly approached Toroc; she now seemed to be surrounded by a veil of writhing lightning, which struck out at Toroc in a painful blast. For a moment Toroc and the Seldar locked eyes, and Toroc was able to resist some strange spell that the sorceress was attempting to cast on him. The enraged barbarian charged the Seldar, taking another painful jolt but striking her in chest and disrupting her concentration. He swung Firen again, completely destroying her left leg, again disrupting her. The next blow finished her. The remaining pixies retreated, the pixie hero yelling something profane at Toroc. The barbarian gave the creature a respectful head nod, from one warrior to another, and the pixies flew off into the forest. Cormyr finally came to, and immediately wanted to inspect the Seldar craft, which he liberated of its exotic rope lines. Toroc was more interested in looting the body of the Seldar. He found three wooden figurines, which Cormyr said held some kind of latent magic. He also found a silver ring, a glowing pink stone used as an earring, and a Seldar alchemy pouch. The landing was clear, the skies and waters had calmed, and their escape from the island open once more.



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