The Amear

Isle of Daughters

Our arrival at the Otter Tribe was noteworthy- Usul flew in as a bird and Erik wore the pelt of the sabretooth cat. Beomere had told the village that we intended to go to the island to the north on the lake- a place taboo to the Otter. They didn’t move to stop us, but only one was willing to guide our group- the elder Nieran’s son, Cormyr.

As a warrior of the tribe, Cormyr had a good place for himself and was known as an excellent fisherman. His gray eyes betrayed a difference, but Eirwen was not able to identify it. He was known to be able to predict the weather.

After a week of preparations, during which Toroc made steel for the tribe and Eirwen crafted elixirs and traded herbs, we set off. The boat was large enough to fit both wolves and five of us (Erik stayed behind?). Cormyr warned us about the creatures in the lake- sea serpents that could frenzy, who wouldn’t attack the boat but would make a meal of any poor person who fell into the water.

The mountains called the Roof of the World loomed on the eastern shore. Eirwen saw them sometimes in Highpass and to be so close was breathtaking.

Cormyr told us he expected to spend one night on the lake, and that we’d arrive the next evening. Usul skin-changed into a bird and flew over the island to help us decide where to make land.

Our time on the lake was uneventful. Mist surrounded us, but Eirwen could sense the strong convergence, so we did not lose our bearing. All Amear are told of the place where Kareshar brought knowledge to the People, but to lay eyes on the actual place was another thing entirely.

The island rose impossibly out of the water, cliffs along the south side, with a mountain spire that disappeared into the clouds a thousand feet above. Surely this was a very magical place.

Usul returned and described what he’d seen. Peaks on the north, east and south sides with hot springs on the north half of the island. He described a few valleys that lead into the water- the only places we could make land. We decided on one on the southwest side of the island.

Eirwen used Wind of the North to help our sails in landing the craft, and once on land we dragged the boat up and hid it in the dense growth. Cormyr agreed to stay with it.

We made our way up the valley onto the island proper. Usul described signs of intelligent life on the east and south mountains- possibly gardens. The north peak didn’t break through the tree line. Beomere could feel the rune to the south, and Eirwen could sense the convergence- though she felt it was below the water line, putting it inside the mountain- in the same direction, so we headed toward the south peak.

Once inside the forest, Eirwen found a hidden path. There weren’t signs it’d been walked on in a year or two, but plants hadn’t encroached on it. Magic. We discussed the merits of continuing on the path or cutting our way through the mountain forest, we decided to take the faster path.

Both Beomere and Eirwen saw things flit through the trees on either side of the path, but when they looked, they found nothing. Charon couldn’t even spot it.

We found resting areas along the path with stunning views, but didn’t stop for long.

We came upon a small walled garden full of heady fragrance and purple flowers. Usul was confused because he did not remember seeing it on his flight over the area. He warned that the flowers might have a narcotic effect. Eirwen stopped to take a few handfuls and stuffed them in her pack.

After she was done, Toroc ran past the field, not wanting to risk the possible effects of the blooms. Beomere and Charon followed after a moment, and found their friend staring at two women with a calm look on his face. Firen on the ground at his feet.

Beomere charged in and the women were shocked when they laid eyes on him in his armor. He sensed hunger and went for the smaller one with his longspear- driving it into her abdomen. The taller one- dressed in tree bark and leaves- said a spell and vines grabbed at everyone’s feet. Eirwen sent Wind of the North at the women, and the pixies that had been descending were blown away.

Both wolves and Usul were caught in the undergrowth and dragged to the ground. Eirwen took out Bloodchiller and cut at the vines entangling Usul.

Toroc shook off the spell that had stilled him and went for the tall one, putting himself in between the two women.

The short woman’s eyes turned blood red- Eirwen remembered the last blood witch they’d fought. The tall one screamed a name and the blood witch hit Beomere in the head- crunching bones and dropping the Outsider to the ground.

Toroc turned around and sliced the blood witch’s head off with Firen, then turned again and stabbed the leaf witch in the abdomen, killing her, as well.

Eirwen looked around the area as a large bear broke through the forest. Usul used the rest of his magic to befriend it, temporarily turning it into an ally.

Eirwen ran over to heal Beomere.

The leaf witch had been carrying an obsidian powerstone in the shape of a horse. The blood witch hadn’t been carrying anything. Toroc cut off the leaf witch’s head.

We found a small pool at the end of the garden area. Eirwen picked several flowers she thought to be lotus, but Beomere informed her they could be made into Yellow Lotus poison- a very rare bloom.

Near the pool was a doorway that looked to lead into the mountain. Beomere suggested we enter it, not wanting to give any enemies time to prepare for our coming.

Once inside, we found an entrance area with three paths. Beomere and Eirwen felt a push into their minds, but managed to close themselves off. Toroc heard a woman’s voice ask him who we were and what we wanted.

We took the left path and found three very sparse sleeping areas- barely more than sleeping mats. Eirwen sat and meditated for a short time to regain her power- during which a fog began to fill the area, spilling down from the entrance.

Beomere heard the woman’s voice in his head tell him we could find her down the center path. He entered the fog and spotted three mist wraiths- he hit one and Toroc cut one in half, then another. Eirwen saw the last, but missed with Bloodchiller. Usul hit and killed it.

Both wolves fell asleep in the fog in the entrance area. We decided to leave them there, not wanting to drag them down the grade of the central pathway.

We descended to a large chamber. At one side was a pool of water being fed by a waterfall spilling mist into the room. Sconces with blue flame lined the chamber. At the center a creature stood, fixed to a mark on the floor. She was part woman, part spider- she looked like she wanted to attack us, but didn’t move from the spot. At the far end, a large blue flame burned- Eirwen felt this to be the convergence.

We looked around for a few minutes, and a woman formed from the mist. She had silver blonde hair and was very, very beautiful. Beomere stepped forward to talk with her.

She spoke with him, but her eyes kept returning to Eirwen. “This one I have seen in my dreams.” She told the wicce. Eirwen felt something, but did not recognize the woman.

She asked who we were and why we had killed her sisters. What did we want? Why had Eirwen brought this demon to her father’s lands? Beomere evaded her questions, not wanting to give away our purpose in being there.

Eirwen asked her what was behind the door under the water. She answered that this place wasn’t always the home of her father. That the island used to be underneath a glacier and that the door probably leads to a chamber under this place.

The woman seemed curious about us, but it waned as Beomere refused to cooperate with her questions. She demanded a blood price for the women we’d killed- she said she would keep Eirwen and Usul and that the others would be allowed to leave.

We came to an impasse- Beomere wouldn’t tell her what we were doing there and would not accept her blood price.

She released the spider woman and Beomere charged her. The spider woman attacked his back and grabbed him, raising him up with her arachnid legs. Toroc charged the spider woman and drove Firen through her chest, killing her instantly. Beomere landed gracefully on the floor.

Eirwen sent 4 bolts of ice at the mist woman and hit her, doing a little damage. She felt the woman try to invade her mind, but fought her off.

Usul fired an arrow at the woman, but it bounced off her, ineffective. She lit Beomere with blue flames- he dropped his spear on accident and drew a sword. Toroc charged the mist woman and broke through a wall of ice that had formed to shield her, but Firen missed. Usul drew a battle axe and closed in, as well.

Eirwen ran through the ice wall and buried Bloodchiller in her thigh. Beomere dropped back to drink a sweetbark elixir. Usul hacked at her with his battle axe. The womaan stepped back and Toroc followed- having to break through the ice again- and finished her off with Firen.



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