The Amear

A New Vision

Eirwen shares a vision with the group

I have shared nearly every vision I’ve seen with the others. Save one.

The Elf Door

I have dreamed of an elf door, waves of a great sea, and the eyes of a cold humanoid figure, a man. I cannot see his face. In every dream I have about this figure, it seems as if he knows I am seeing him, and he turns from me. This vision is the most clear, and the most vivid, yet I cannot make out the figure. This door I see is near water, or covered by water, or leads to water.

I have seen this vision many times, but have held back from sharing it- though I am not sure why. It is different than the other things I’ve seen.

Last night when I drank the Midwinter Draught, I saw it again. I saw the door located under the waves on the western side of the island we are journeying to. I felt the man turning from my gaze and felt myself wary, as if I could be seen, as well- though by what or whom I do not know.

Our fate is tied to this isle, of that I am certain- but going there will expose us to great and terrible danger. There are too many things tied to this place, I cannot see an outcome of our quest. I feel a poor choice on our part will lead to our doom.



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